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If you have already heard of Programmatic Advertising , you are in good company. In the digital advertising field it is one of the sectors that is growing the most.

This is also confirmed by recent findings from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Which show how Digital Out Of Home , Connected TV and Audio were among the fastest growing media in 2022.


If you’ve never experienced programmatic firsthand in your campaigns, you’re in equally good company. As recently as 2020 , 15% of companies said they didn’t invest in programmatic. At all, and 41% dedicated less than 20% of their budget.

Programmatic Budget Definition

From 2020 to today, programmatic has grown significantly, despite the poor adoption by advertisers. Who carry out few tests, even sporadically.

What is Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a highly automated Jamaica Mobile Database method of purchasing advertising space. Which, thanks to the use of dedicated software. Allows users to be reached with the right communications, at the most suitable time and place.

This purchasing method is driven by software and algorithms based on machine learning and enriched by artificial intelligence, capable of adapting the message in real time based on the context and the user.

DSP and SSP Programmatic Advertising machines

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In order to carry out programmatic advertising, first of all the ALB Directory presence of two machines is necessary, the DSP (Demand Side Platform) on the advertiser side and the SSP (Supply Side Platform) on the seller side, which allow the purchase of advertising spaces in real time.

In the programmatic purchasing process, the seller offers the advertising spaces available on their properties ( inventory ) for sale via the SSP, which connects to the exchanges,  actual places where the inventory is sold and purchased in real time.

On the other side of the chain, the advertiser uses the DSP to select the target of his interest and define the space purchase parameters (budget, timing etc.): the elements on the basis of which the machine will place the purchase offer .

When the match between supply and demand occurs, the advertiser wins the impression and the ad is served to its target audience on the seller’s site.

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