How much does YouTube pay and how to make money on this platform

Therefore, YouTube is a video platform that allows content creators to upload and share. Their videos with a global audience and offers. Them the opportunity to earn money. Through advertising and sponsorships. Find out how much. YouTube pays YouTubers in different parts of the world and how to be successful from the start on the platform. Do you dream of being a Youtuber? Therefore, With an annual growth of 46% and a digital platform. That generates more than 28.8 billion in revenue. It is normal that many content creators dream of this possibility.

How much does YouTube pay for views

Although many dream of filling their portfolio by producing content. Therefore, There are some basic requirements that YouTube requires to monetize your videos. And they are China Whatsapp Number List the following: Have a channel with more than 10 thousand views. Have at least a thousand subscribers. Have at least 4 thousand minutes of playback time. By complying with these 3 conditions, for every. Therefore, CPM views of the video. The creator responsible for the content will receive in Spain approximately between 0.40 cents and 4 euros. While a YouTuber whose content is consumed in the United States will earn about $4.50 for the same number of views.

How much does YouTube pay in Spain

Therefore, Spain is the birthplace of some of the most successful YouTubers in our language. Spanish content creators are very original and have millions. Of followers around ALB Directory  the world. Therefore, To have an idea of ​​how much YouTube pays in Spain. The average values ​​are approximately 1 euro per 1,000 views of a video. Next, there are factors that will increase or .Decrease the income on each video. For example, whether or not people click on the ad banner. the number of views, among others.

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