Growth strategies to grow your business

The word growth comes from English and means growth. In the case of businesses, it refers to the strategies used to make them grow with few resources. Therefore, Most people who start a business do so with the expectation of success. And among the fundamental elements to measure it are billing, profitability. Therefore, And scalability, closely related to growth. But to grow, it is necessary to create a strategy related to the objectives and reality of the business. Therefore, in this post, we are going to share the insights of Michel Edery. Therefore, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartBeemo, a company that generates 2,700 leads a day and has 2,500 students on its platform.

What are the growth strategies in marketing

Therefore, There are several growth strategies in digital marketing and here we are going to present the main ones: Diversification . Here we are talking about creating products. Therefore, In various niches that can be Ecuador Whatsapp Number List related to each other or completely different. Market development: refers specifically. To strategies created to access new markets within the same country or internationally . Internal growth: As the name suggests. Therefore, The focus here is to strengthen the internal structure of the company to generate more results. This may mean an increase in work equipment or tools and other necessary materials. Product development: basically, it is about creating new products.

Consultative Sales Strategy (CVS)

This is a special strategy, developed by Michel Edery, which we will explain to you shortly.  Therefore, The EVC is valid for businesses that work with medium. Ticket or high ticket and consists, according to ALB Directory Michel himself. Of “flipping the first funnel, which is the marketing funnel.” The intention is to attract many people using “very powerful videos, with a guideline. With the infomercial of social networks, literally.” Another characteristic of the Consultative Sales Strategy is that people go from a traditional marketing funnel to a form. Which is then transformed into a telephone sales funnel. According to Edery. Therefore, It is 30 minutes in which we are going to go from positioning, consideration, decision, in a call, literally 30-35 minutes” to conversion .

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