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Digital marketing for SMEs has become essential for all small and medium-sized businesses that want to survive in a particularly difficult competitive environment. When we talk about small and medium enterprises, the resources available, both in terms of capital and time, are often very limited. In order to be effective, when developing your digital marketing strategy, focus on your WHAT: What do I want to achieve? What will my online strategy be?




Create a website and position it on Google


It is the basic showcase for any company Costa Rica Phone Number List that wants to launch effectively on the web. The website will include sections Luxembourg Email List to tell your story, introduce the team, the services, an image gallery, contact details… You must choose a representative and easy-to-remember domain name and a web host.


A website is of no use if it is not visited. SEO techniques aim for your website to get more organic visits from search engines by optimizing pages for keywords.


These keywords are search terms that users use to find products or services. For this reason, working on your website with these keywords in mind means getting to know your customers well and knowing what keywords they use when searching for content online.


In addition, having a blog on your website is an additional way to improve SEO, while informing and retaining users. The content included in each article must be of high quality and respond to the queries of Internet users who are highly qualified prospects.


Leverage social media


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube… Just choose the social network that best suits your potential customers or, why not, several of them. The next step is to create content through texts, photos and videos.


The problem is that there are few companies that really know how to do effective social media marketing. Creating accounts on social networks is within everyone’s reach, but being able to animate them effectively is less obvious.

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The agency Poush, specialist in digital marketing, gives on its blog the following advice about publications on Facebook: “It’ ALB Directory s all in the rigor! For  a Page to continue to find audiences despite Facebook’s algorithm, it must regularly publish new posts. Of course, it does not necessarily mean posting every hour. It is indeed not so much the quantity of publications that counts but rather their regularity. Thus, posting once or twice a week is already a good practice.


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