Giant eyelashes on trains

Maybelline New York puts eyelashes on buses and trains along with a giant comb to advertise its new mascara.


All aboard the Sky High Mascara Express. After invading the streets of New York, the American cosmetics brand’s advertising is conquering London and the subway carriages.

Maybelline New York's viral campaign

At full volume. The images of the new social Colombia Mobile Database advertising show how the new Sky High mascara, with the “Flex Tower” wand, is able to guarantee incredibly long eyelashes.

A marketing stunt by Maybelline that went viral in recent days. But there’s a twist: the campaign isn’t real.

Shared on the brand’s Instagram account, the video features a realistic CGI creation of the front of a train being brushed by a giant brush of Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara.

Another snippet from the reel shows a London bus receiving the same treatment for even softer eyelashes.

CGI Marketing Campaign

Creatives working behind the scenes on ALB Directory campaigns and strategies must command attention through bold and unexpected moves.


Applause goes to 3D artist Ian Pagdam who with his creations is combining advertisements with reality with the magic of CGI.



Creativity is once again the protagonist , especially on LinkedIn where advertisers, marketers and designers have praised the initiative which exploits the power of computer-generated images .


Real or not, this isn’t the first time a brand has pulled such a giant marketing stunt, tricking its followers into thinking it’s all real.


Recently, luxury brand  Jacquemus  launched a campaign in which its iconic bags were the size of a bus and were shown in a vibrant color palette of brown, pink and orange .

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