Energetic look of 7Up

In recent weeks, 7Up has unveiled its first update in 7 years which includes a new international. Brand positioning and a refreshed visual identity. The brand’s first major redesign is impactful and simple at the same time.

The PepsiCo Design and Innovation Team has created a brilliant and confident visual identity system that will resonate across cultures. Regions and languages” said Mauro Porcini , SVP and chief design officer of PepsiCo.

The design shifts towards a more energetic

Albeit more minimal execution and will be Peru Mobile Database visible on packs, bottles and cans of 7Up and 7Up Zero starting in March 2023 .

The new modern look maintains the typical green color of 7UP .

A “refreshed” identity that aims to better capture the essence of the brand through more minimal packaging. Capable of reflecting the growing tendency of brands to flatten and simplify graphics.

Meanwhile, the logo evolves to appear three-dimensional with high-contrast lines that create the illusion of the 7 moving upwards.


This slanted presentation resonates among the new branding elements and is in line with the brand’s “UPliftment” positioning.

Illustrated citrus icons that typically appear on packaging have been flattened to appear as abstract shapes . Plays of contrasts for a powerful identity that underlines 7Up’s goal of uplifting and connecting people around the world.

The weak points

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Although Nokia’s rebranding focuses ALB Directory on contemporaneity and digitalisation, not everyone liked the implementation.

The poor readability and the conceptual abstraction pushed to the limit have met with various criticisms. Including the association with another not very appreciated rebranding, the Kia one .

Not appreciated but which has, in the meantime, generated a large search for KN brand cars on the web.

It must be said that the decision to include pastel colors and gradients are currently almost obligatory choices for B2B companies that intend to speak to the public in a contemporary, non-detached way .

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