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This is an open responseSMS survey. Here the most appropriate thing is to make qualitative measurements because with open responses it is less easy to quantify the responses. What this type of survey seeks is to know the opinion in a general way. Likert scale surveys The Likert scale is special for measuring the satisfaction behaviors and beliefs of an audience. Normally a pattern of five responses is established ranging from the most negative to the most positive . In this case the questions in the SMS survey must be precisely worded. When applying these scales it is very important to know how to ask the question so that the scale fits and the answers can be correctly adapted to the information you are trying to collect. Numerical evaluation surveys This is the typical survey where responses are numbered with.

One being the most negative

And the highest number being the most positive. They also serve to know on a numerical scale what score users give. An example would be On a scale from to with being the most negative score and being the excellent score what is the score you give our service. Benefits of sending surveys by SMS SMS Marketing surveys have several advantages over Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List other communication channels in terms of performance . Higher opening rate The use of SMS marketing surveys offers a high open rate of approximately according to various statistics . Also text messages are much more read and responded to by recipients compared to other communication channels. This benefits surveys because the vast majority of messages they receive are opened by the user. Once opened it is highly likely.

That you will respond to it

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Higher rate of messages seen In general the average open rate for emails is estimated. To be around to . These data show that SMS marketing has a clear advantage in. Terms of open rate and message visibility compared to email marketing. . They allow obtaining a more specific sample SMS marketing surveys allow you to segment and target specific groups of users ensuring that questions are sent to the right audience and relevant responses are obtained. . Shipping can be easily configured ALB directory The process of configuring an SMS Marketing campaign or a survey is simple and does not require any type of specialized technical knowledge. SMS can be configured and sent in bulk thanks to specialized platforms such as MDirector whose system facilitates said configuration.

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