Does doing so differentiate

What else is different? Step Three Combine these answers into a short, informal statement, avoiding any jargon. Mr. Mo’s corporate mission: Pursue environmental protection and exquisiteness, and strive to create reasonable-priced artworks for art lovers. Each piece of work is hand-made by skilled sculptors. 6. How to establish brand personality and brand image? To establish brand personality and image, everything must start from the perspective of customers and think what customers think. . Brand Personality Brand Personality is about condensing your brand vision and mission statement into one word.

Think about how your brand makes people feel

and the answer is self-evident. Does your brand make Japan Phone Number List them feel safe, free, happy, excited, relaxed, confident, or what? You can dig deep into the real thoughts of customers through questionnaires or focus groups to see if they are consistent with your assumptions. . Brand Image If your brand were a person, how would you describe him? That is the brand image you want to establish. Examples: Charismatic, disruptive, sarcastic, witty, serious, innovative, traditional, mature, youthful, cynical, authoritative, professional, witty, dependable, adventurous ,rebellious. You may think your business is glamorous, innovative, cool, young, and brilliant, but test your suspicions with a survey or focus group. 7. The final step Once the brand elements have

Been formulated


you can use them comprehensively to standardize marketing, strategy, and execution. For example, when planning an advertising campaign, the brand vision allows the advertisement to take into account the long-term strategy and closely focus on the goal; while the corporate

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mission ensures that the advertisement reflects the core business of the enterprise. In addition, your advertising campaign should also reflect the ALB Directory brand personality and make people feel the corresponding emotions; the tone of the advertising should also match the personality characteristics set by you. You can use these brand elements to tell people through

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