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Mental strength or fortitude is the ability we have to overcome obstacles. Master our emotions and achieve the goals we seek. Therefore, Regardless of the context in which we find ourselves. Have you already wondered. Why you are not earning more money with your business. Or why you have not completed your life project ? Many times, the feeling of stagnation. And tiredness has to do with the development of your mental strength . Therefore, Coach Margarita Pasos. Specialist in sales, productivity and leadership. Took the stage at the FIRE Festival 2023 and left us very. Valuable insights about the importance of cultivating our mental strength. In addition to 3 strategies that you can put into practice starting right now.

What is mental strength

Mental strength is a set of emotional tools that allows you to stay healthy. Therefore, Follow a purpose, create habits or have the discipline to maintain a routine. Among other things. Your mental strength is closely Jamaica Whatsapp Number List related to resilience. And it is what drives you, for example, to go to the gym every day before starting work. Therefore, Even if you are tired or it is raining outside. It is a skill that you can develop and that. At the same time, can be lost or weakened in certain circumstances. Therefore, it is important to cultivate it and pay attention to some thoughts that work against it. Let’s see what some of them are.

3 enemies of your mental strength

In her presentation on mental strength for high performance. Margarita Pasos talked about 3 limiting beliefs that hinder anyone’s success. I am not able This is a more common thought. Therefore, Than it seems, and one of the ALB Directory great villains of the growth mindset . Who has never thought “it is very difficult to have your own business. But I would love to earn money. And improve my quality of life.” In the words of Pasos, in “the island of someday” there are only excuses, we talk about ideas and what never comes true. Therefore, In that metaphorical place, people are trapped judging others. And to get out of there it is necessary to combine 2 elements: knowledge and action. This is a practice of a successful business . Remember that “your outer world depends on your inner world.”

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