Demand Side Platform

If you have approached the world of programmatic advertising . You have certainly heard of Demand Side Platform: the machines that form the basis of programmatic. TO


To date, there are a few dozen on the market and to orient yourself you would really need a guide. Or at least a list of a few simple steps to find the right DSP.


The history of programmatic advertising, and consequently DSPs is quite limited. The news of the failure of Mediamath came a few weeks ago . Which was one of the first DSPs launched on the market in 2007, a time when programmatic was still in its infancy.


Since then, new DSPs have been launched which have revolutionized. The market and contributed to the definition of programmatic advertising as we know it today. So much so that it has led real giants of the digital world to develop proprietary technologies for the market.

DSP and Inventory integrations

One of the reasons why people choose to Paraguay Mobile Database use programmatic. Advertising is the desire to increase the reach of their campaign, possibly optimizing costs.

Therefore, when choosing which DSP to use, it is essential to ensure that the inventory we are interested in is available.

Every DSP worthy of the name must be able to connect to exchanges . The virtual places where demand meets supply and where the buying and selling of impressions takes place. Each DSP is more powerful the more it is able to integrate with different exchanges. In fact, each site can put its space up for sale through one or more exchanges. So if you have sites of particular interest. Make sure that the exchange through which it sells is supported by the DSP you intend to use.

Delivery device

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The question “where will my ad appear?” it is very ALB Directory important not only in terms of sites/apps on which the advertising will be published. But also in terms of devices on which it will be used.

To date, every DSP on the market is capable of placing ads on desktop or mobile spaces. In recent years, however, the number of devices on which programmatic campaigns can be delivered has expanded, giving advertisers the possibility of publishing adverts in radio , smart TV or digital out of home environments .

These solutions, which are among the newest, are not supported by all players: just think that even Display & Video 360 integrated DOOH only last year .

It is therefore appropriate to delve deeper into the possibility of planning campaigns on these devices before committing to the use of one DSP rather than another.

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