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Think first of all Internet users before thinking of Google The Internet user before the Google bot! It may seem silly to you but whatever happens you will gain in the medium and long term. Whatever you do, this should be the first thing that comes to mind because the end consum will remain the person who visits your site. 




For that you have to find an NDD consistent


with what you do, manage the Germany Email List Kazakhstan Phone Number List communication around it and above all keep it short to have more impact. Consistency of your domain name NDD consistency If you sell cars put a domain name that recalls the sale of materials, it’s not the idea of the century. Consistency must be at the center of the idea that you are going to.


Internet user to have a good first impression of your site simply because the intra sect promise of the NDD respects the content of the site. Ease of communication for your entity Be simple in your choice of domain name, it will help you to make your site credible with Internet users. Generally one or two words is more than enough for a good domain name. Also avoid overcomplicating the 


form by adding dashes and even less underscores because


they are not taken into account by Google). Dots are also to be avoided because they are reserved for sub-domains. The NDD must also be easy to use in your entity’s communication. A balance must be found between consistency, simplicity and ease of 

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communication. Keep it short, limited  ALB Directory length for more impact A domain name must have a maximum size of 63 characters. This repeats what we said before leaving only one, two or three words in your domain name. It’s also much easier to read and remember. Choose an NDD optimized for natural referencing by thinking of your keywords Using relevant keywords in 


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