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technological evolution. In this type of architecture. It allows actions to be carried out on the backend without there being any consequences on the frontend. The practical interest of this new technology is the optimization of the customer experience. Headless e-commerce at the service of the merchant Seven advantages Difficult to grasp for neophytes, and even for e-commerce players, the advantages of this


technological revolution are measured


by their application in the daily reality of e-commerce. Adopted by most online shopping sites, a headless e-commerce solution has very concrete advantages: Content management is simplified Its open architecture allows easy integration of new applications User experience delivers better results Developments are cheaper Technological independence is increased Increased


transaction security Honduras Email List Greater independencJamaica Phone Number Liste from developers An optimized buying journey This is the ultimate goal of headless: to sell better and more. Headless makes it possible to unify sales channels. This is what developers call omnichannel. It is about being able to sell a product through social networks. Various applications, in the online or physical store, on marketplaces.


homogenizes the communication


It also allows: Optimized inventory. Product and category management Faster order processing To offer a personalized shopping journey resulting in a better conversion rate More efficient centralization and distribution of content New users of headless solutions testify to an increase in the conversion rate and better performance of their site. : more flexibility and autonomy. Publishing in seconds on all communication channels is undoubtedly the decisive advantage of a headless e-commerce solution.

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