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And winners rest of the list. MDirector will make the general delivery of the winn campaign accord to the select criteria. . Choose between two criteria to define the Winner test. It can be the highest percentage of opens and clicks. Send AB tests . A threshold of of opens and dur the time that the test is active has not been reach the. Winn test will not be sent and the shipment to the rest of the list will be cancell. The tool understands that the minimum. Requirements have not  test will always be sent with the subject or creative that obtains the best open or click results as stipulat. . Finally set the time to perform the test . The time can be set in both hours and days depend on your nes.

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Winn test will be sent once this test time has end. What remains are complementary details such as the general data of the comparison . You can assign a name like test to the campaign. . If you chose to modify the design you must make the variations for variant A and variant B. . In the contacts tab select who you want to send the content to. Analysis of AB test results Analysis of AB test results On the MDirector platform there are two ways to choose test winners. These criteria are Paper Products Manufacturers Email List select in the campaign setts. Users can choose the winn result by the highest percentage of opens and clicks. Depend on what is chosen and the time that is configur the campaign will be sent automatically. To have a clear view of the results of AB tests it is necessary to understand.

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The MDirector platform offers you detail reports at the end of each test in which you can See the open rate and its performance in each version. This is relevant because even if an email is.  percentage of those sent. Know the rate of clicks and unsubscribes that the shipment has generat. In this way you have a general vision of the shipment and you will be able to take specific actions in ALB directory future campaigns. As you can see AB test is an effective tactic to evaluate the performance. Of email. Market campaigns. As well as improve. Their profitability and boost positive results in all metrics. Use the MDirector tool to perform.  AB tests and see what works best for your specific list of.

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