Boost your business with new technologies

A decade ago, talking about augmented reality and virtual reality was limited. Therefore, To science fiction movies, but today. These technological experiences have become allies of innovations. That can boost your business to the next level. Thanks to the digital revolution, companies are transforming.  Therefore, The way they interact with customers, captivate audiences. Optimize operations and support the achievement of objectives. Hence, they are essential tools for brands with a futuristic vision .

What is augmented reality

It is a technology that combines elements of real and virtual space. Therefore, With the aim of expanding the perception of the physical. World through digital information. This is achieved with the integration of graphic content using Kuwait Whatsapp Number List smartphones. Therefore, Tablets and glasses. Augmented reality has spread and, perhaps. You already use it. Therefore, Let’s look at some examples. Google Translate is a case of augmented reality. Try it: take a photo of any product label with. Your mobile phone and ask it to translate it into the language you want. It will do it instantly.

What is virtual reality

It is a computer-generated world that includes 3D images, sounds and sensory experiences. Therefore, In other words, it is an immersive. Technology that generates the illusion of being present in a virtual environment. It is also known ALB Directory as the technology of the future, only the future is already here, It is achieved through. Computer technology that creates a fictional scenario that looks real. As in augmented reality. Therefore, It uses glasses, tablets and mobile devices that allow interaction with users.

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