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To ensure there’s no confusion, the Messenger icon is right where everyone can see it. By clicking on the “Book Now” CTA, potential customers will see the following message: With it blank you can see that there are three options available. This way, potential customers won’t give their needs a second thought. After all, it’s right in front of them! In this case, the ad is effective for two main reasons: Clear copy. No ifs, no buts, book your full face now. There are no hidden traps. Messages on Facebook Messenger. Be very simple, get to the point, and won’t tire your prospects out with unnecessary questions. According to a Forbes interview with Deborah Yeh, Sephora’s senior vice president of marketing and brand, this approach resulted in an 11% increase in bookings, which resulted in more conversions.

For the video ad category

Video ads are almost too common these days on Facebook and its partner companies: Instagram and Messenger. Video continues to grow exponentially as a medium, and for good reason. Videos are more likely to capture the actual use, look and feel of a product. This is why e-commerce product videos are so common Hong Kong Phone Number Data and sought after as a tactic. Facebook allows longer videos, while Instagram Stories, Instagram’s best-performing feature, allows 12 seconds, which is enough to showcase all the reasons someone would buy your product. is one of the e-commerce brands that decided to use video to their advantage. Needless to say, they had no regrets.

Facebook eCommerce Ads

The catchphrase is one of those slogans that sticks around for a long time and actually goes well with ads that show a quick change of clothes in a youthful environment. A few products are showcased below the video for anyone who wants to learn more about the brand. In general, Facebook video ads are great for e-commerce because they can showcase variety. Whether we are talking about products or uses or even reviews of said products. And videos are more engaging and ALB Directory grab people’s attention than regular posts and photos. But back to the point. In addition to being fun and creative in showcasing products in the best way possible, ‘ videos themselves load quickly and are mobile-optimized, driving higher conversion rates for both mobile and desktop buyers.

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