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Out by an entity who is actively try to keep visitors from com to your site? Can you imagine that happen in any other business environment? Can you imagine Nike market department go for a one day train session in Adidas HQ to help them sell their sneakers tter? Repeat after me THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Use your own head. Even tter use your own experience. Test. lieve your own eyes. We Didn’t Ne Keyword Data Anyway This is my absolute favourite. People who were as of yesterday bas their report link build land page optimization rank reports conversion rate optimization and about every other aspect of their online campaign on referr keywords all of a sudden fell the ne to tell the world how they never thought keywords were an important metric.

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Bas on past trends future trends land pages third party data etc. It is ok every once in a while to say “crap Google has really shaft us with this one. This is seriously go to affect the way I track progress Noth bad will happen if you do. You will not lose face over it. Yes there were other metrics that were ALSO useful for different aspects of SEO but it is not as if. When driv a car and your brakes die Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List What original angle can you give to this story after 16 years of respond to the same old claims? And if you can’t give an original on you you say “pfffftt stopp is for losers anyway who wants to stop the car when you can enjoy the ride I never really us those brakes in the past anyway. What really matters in the car is that your headlights are work”. Does this mean we can’t do.

SEO anymore? Of course not

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Adaptability is one of the top requir traits of an SEO and we will adapt to this situation as we did to all the others in the past. But don’t bullshit yourself and everyone else that 100% <not provid> didn’t hurt you. Responses to SEO is Dead Stories It is crystal clear why the “SEO is dead” stories themselves deserve to die a slow and painful death. I am talk here about hordes of SEOs who rise to the occasion every freek time some 5th rate journalist decides to poke the SEO industry through the cage bars and convince them nay prove to them how SEO is not ALB directory only not dy but is alive and kick and bigger than ever. And I am not innocent of this myself I have also. Dignifi this idiotic topic with a response (alit a short one) but how many times can we rise to the same occasion and repeat the same points.

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