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Like quite a bit: Local Rank – It scans up to 1000 Google results and then cross-references links point from those sites to the top 10 20 or 50 results for that same query. The tool operates on the premise that sites that are well link to from other top rank results might get an additional rank boost on some search queries. You can read more about this in a Google patent here. HubFinder – HubFinder looks for sites that have co-occur links across up to 10 sites on a given topic. This is useful in find authoritative links that link to compet sites in a given SERP. Duplicate Content Checker – This Firefox extension scans Google for a given block of text to see if others are us the same content. The Duplicate Content Checker searches Google for each sentence wrapp in quotes and links to the results of the search.

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Filter as well as base it off of links that appear across multiple sites in a given SERP. LinkResearchTools Majestic SEO Majestic is still the defacto standard for deep link data (both fresh and historical data). They recently launch a new feature call Search Explorer which is design to a specializ search engine devoid of personalization and what not while show ranks bas on its interpretation of the web graph and how influential a site is for a given term. As of this writ Search Automotive Dealers Gasoline Service Email List Explorer is in Alpha but it does appear to a really solid innovation from Majestic. The other reason for hav a Majestic subscription is to get access to it’s API so you can integrate the data however you choose to. I use it (access to the API) inside of LRT and Advanc Web Rank. Majestic SEO – here’s a review.

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Moz I use Moz mainly for access to it’s link data via Advanc Web Rank. Compar to the other tools I use I do not see a ton of value in the rest of its tool suite and I also get data from it via my Raven subscription (which is where I tend to do a fair bit of research). If you are on a tight budget it’s worthy of consideration for the breadth of tools the subscription offers but I think you could get tter options elsewhere if you have some budget to spread around. Moz Raven Tools I don’t use every sle ALB directory feature in Raven but I find Raven to one of the most well-execut stable tool suites on the market. I use Raven to: Manage keyword lists Research competitors Manage and report on Twitter/Facebook profiles and campaigns Track social mentions Automate site crawls Compare various.

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