10 spots starring Spanish film stars that have earned a place in advertising

10 spots Spanish actors and actresses not only shine on the big screen; Many of them have already done it as a child by starring in advertisements for various brands throughout their career. On numerous occasions. Therefore, creative minds turn to familiar faces to impact (and convince) with their clients’ campaigns. This October 6th the second edition of Spanish Cinema Day is celebrated. The date, proposed last year by the Ministry of Culture, coincides with the completion of production of That Happy Couple, a film scripted and directed by Juan Antonio Bardem and Luis García Berlanga. This year’s motto is #TheMomentOfOurCinema.

Some campaigns in which iconic figures of Spanish cinema have participated

The actor Luis Tosar partnered industry email list with Voll-Damm a few years ago and is one of the visible faces of the brand. In the brewery’s latest campaign, titled “El arrepentido. Therefore, the actor shared the set with Luis Zahera and Artur Busquets . Therefore, together they put themselves under the orders of Alberto Rodríguez to make a short film that wanted to show that “not all beers are the same.” This initiative is once again devised by the creative Oriol Villar and his team. Who have worked with Voll-Damm. Therefore, have been responsible for campaigns such as “Double or nothing” or “Mediterráneamente” by Estrella Damm directed by Daniel Monzón and Dani de la Torre, also prestigious directors.

Less nonsense, more savings”, MásMóvil

IF we talk about advertisements ALB Directory in which Spanish actors appear. Therefore, we cannot help but remember Antonio Resines . An iconic figure of Spanish cinema. Therefore, he has participated in numerous advertising campaigns, knowing how to combine perfectly with his career in the industry. The actor who played the unforgettable Diego in Los Serrano , among other roles. Therefore, has recently carried out the Más Móvil campaign, titled “Less nonsense, more savings.”

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